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CCO Vertigo launches their new season with a HIP HOP + Show

Marguerite Kephart, Sadeqa Siddiqui, Judy Wong and Anne Caines  joined other performers for the seasonal launch of Centre Choreograph O Vertigo in the alley behind Café Ursa on Park Ave. RECAA danced with Crazy Smooth!    

Judy’s Vegetable Garden

Almost every day Judy Wong spends time cultivating and singing to her vegetables. Amazing results!

Maria Elisa and her rooster

April 22, 2020 EARTH DAY

Even during the times of Covid-19 We will not forget our collective will to save our planet!

“Never Turning Back”

Choir Director: Dina Cindric Choir: Maria Elisa Montejo, Nadia Cicurel, Anne Caines, Louise Jack,Sajida Imam, Sadeqa Siddiqi, Marguerite Kephart, Madhuram Nambiar, Maria Nicola DeMichele, Judy Wong, Aruna Mahajan, Christine Dandurand, Ingrid Birker and David Singleton    

More Haiku from Lib Spry

I sit in my house. I have food, water, space, love. This is privilege.    

Spring Watch: Anne Caines and Lucky Luke on a morning walk


Choir Directrice, Dina Cindric watches her Garden Flowering

A Haiku “on touching one’s face”

Lib Spry Stop touching the face! How many times a day? Sigh. The hardest challenge.   Rachael Van Fossen (replying): Love it!  And FYI ( for your information) I use a plastic fork or my telescoping back scratcher!

Louise Jack muses on “How to keep Seniors occupied”

20/05/15 Have  Seniors join virtual activities, sitting for hours until you become a chair potato. Zooming in and out navigating to different meetings. When you stand you get foot potato. Standing up with a creak and a groan, make us exclaim, when is this going to be over? I mean when is this Co-V going […]

Mother’s Day: thoughts from Madhu

12 may 2020 When my friend Anne called me and suggested I put down a few of my thought and ideas on this most celebrated day, Mothers’ day, I did not realize this would evoke in me very hard feelings relating to my own advancing age and issues, health, welfare, emotional needs , fear and […]

Welcome Voices by Jennifer Chew

Zara raced her walker, anxious to get to the phone, stepping between the spring sunshine crisscrossing the wooden floors, rugs no longer impeding the wheels. “Hello.”  She’d made it.  No answer. “Hello,” she repeated, with pursed lips, annoyance creeping into her being. It was happening again, as usual. Expecting the rude sound of the dial […]

Two Embroidered works with silk thread by Aruna Mahajan

Two Embroidered works with silk thread, one for the International Women's Day and the second one for the war against Corona.

Thoughts by Marguerite Kephart

I don’t know about you, but I have been experiencing insomnia lately. Not that my sleep pattern is perfect, but I keep having anxiety dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night. Mostly they are about things I am trying to do and can’t manage… and sometimes I dream that I am […]

Daily Walk by Kiren Budhia

I saw this on a door on my early morning walk:

Thoughts by Marietta Lubelsky

There is no replacement for the physical touch and face to face interaction. I am afraid that using all the substitutes i.e. face time, zoom etc will only reinforce physical isolation in the future.  The frequency of texting will also increase, which eliminates the underlying voice nuances in communication. In addition, it further destroys our ability […]

Poem by Louise Jack

In my sitting room I sit, [...]