Beyond COVID 19: Re-Designing “Respect”

Re-Designing Respect

RESPECT and JUSTICE for the undocumented: Legal Status for All

On July 4 2020 RECAA marched in Montreal in support of legalizing the undocumented essential workers and guardian angels. Marguerite, Judy and Anne spoke out on behalf of RECAA. Here is the speech in French, English and Spanish: RECAA (Ressources ethnoculturelles contre l’abus envers les aînés) apprécie et salue tous les agents de santé et […]


In Montreal, public CHSLDs that have remained “cold” since the start of the pandemic can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Among the rare ones spared by COVID-19: the Camille-Lefebvre Pavilion, in Lachine. Here is how this establishment, which housed a very vulnerable clientele, prevented the virus from wreaking havoc there. Translated from: CAROLINE TOUZIN […]

World Wide Concern for Environment in Post-pandemic Economic Recovery. Canadians Lag. (IPSOS) Survery April, 2020)

A majority, 70%, of  the population in 14 countries world  wide believe climate change is as serious a crisis as the COVID-19 pandemic, but Canadians lag at 64%. World wide  65%  believe that  the economic recovery efforts post-pandemic should emphasize  climate action. Here again Canadians lag at  61%. source: theenergymix and Ipsos  

Report from Handicap Vie Dignité

Redesigning Respect in Elder homes : Handicap Vie Dignité is a community organization which defends the rights of residents in long term care in Quebec. Last year they created a proposal which was presented to Marguerite Blais, Minister Responsible for Seniors and Informal Caregivers, as well as representatives from the Ministry for Health and Social Services […]