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Songs That Connect Us

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First Recitals at our Annual General meeting and end of year event 2019

“Never Turning Back”

Choir Director: Dina Cindric Choir: Maria Elisa Montejo, Nadia Cicurel, Anne Caines, Louise Jack,Sajida Imam, Sadeqa Siddiqi, Marguerite Kephart, Madhuram Nambiar, Maria Nicola DeMichele, Judy Wong, Aruna Mahajan, Christine Dandurand, […]


RECAA Choir is a non-audition community choir of adults and elders from the ethnic communities of Montreal, many of whom belong to RECAA. It is led by choral director Dina Cindrić.

We sing a variety of repertoire in multiple languages. No previous singing experience is required.


Dina Cindrić has been teaching music for nearly two decades and is the founding director of RECAA Choir, Monday Night Choir and female Balkan singing group Sava, in Montreal.

Dina is passionate about creating spaces in which expressive music-making is possible and accessible to all, incorporating movement, singing and song to help people reconnect to themselves, others, and the world around them.


RECAA Choir was formed in September 2019 out of an interest and need to expand RECAA’s artistic contributions to the community and to improve the health and wellbeing of its members.

We have performed twice and most recently have been working online on our project "Songs that Connect Us".

RECAA Choir's aim is to continue RECAA’s work of cultivating a culture of respect for the elderly — through singing. We foster a love of learning, teamwork, respect and community. We welcome adults of all ages and backgrounds, and value diversity.

We believe that neither age nor musical literacy should act as a barrier to participating in and enjoying making music together.



For more information or to inquire about joining, email: