About us

What is RECAA?

Ressources Ethnoculturelles Contre l’Abus envers les Aîné(e)s, Respecting Elders Communities against Abuse is an initiative of community workers, organizations and individuals from the ethnocultural communities.

What is our mission?

To work towards a culture of respect for our elders; our elders should be able to live in dignity, safety and free of exploitation and physical or mental abuse.

What are our objectives?

To raise awareness of elder mistreatment within the ethnocultural communities.

To develop strategies for abuse prevention that respect the language and cultural perspectives of our elders.

To provide opportunities for elders from the ethnocultural communities to participate in the work of raising awareness, resource building and networking.

What strategies do we use?

RECAA uses forum theatre, acting out situations from the life of elders in the cultural communities. These non-verbal scenes stimulate discussion and problem solving.

RECAA is now expanding its work through digital technologies.

Who are our partners?


  • Atwater Digital Literacy Project
  • Mobile Lab Technologies
  • CLC, Community Learning Center

Community organizations:

  • -Chinese Family Services
  • -Council for Black Aging Montreal Inc.
  • -Copsi
  • -South Asia Women’s Community Center
  • -Montreal Assaults Prevention Center


  • -Table des concertations des Aines de la ville de Montreal