Forum Theatre is a practice of popular education using drama to effect social change. It has been developed by Augusto Boal within the methodology of Theatre of the Oppressed. The drama involves interactions with the audiences who become “spect-actors” invited to act out different solutions to a specific difficult situation.

At RECAA, the scenes are non-verbal and animated in the language of the audience. The scenes we enact are experiences of elder abuse in home, residence or nursing home.

4 forums are currently available:

  •  -“A Scene in Grandmothers life”
  • -“Aunt Enid Gets Helps”
  • -“I know What’s good for You”
  • -“Grandma in a nursing home”

We adapt our forums workshops to the specific needs of a community.


This Self-defense workshop enables seniors to acquire and share skills that help them to prevent assaults or reduce victimization in their lives.