COVID-19 Fact Checking Workshop

On May 15, 2020 RECAA participated in a fact checking workshop put on by ACT (Ageing, Communication, Technologies). The workshop went over some simple steps individuals can take to make sure in the information they are reading and sharing is accurate. Most importantly we went over 4 questions you can ask yourself when reading material to see how trustworthy it is (before you even check). Ask Yourself:

  1. What is this telling me?
  2. Does this make sense? Is it too good to be true?
  3. Where is this information coming from? Is it opinion?
  4. Why might the author write about this?

Beyond these questions, the workshop went over the steps we can take to check for ourselves (summarized in the info-graphic below).

You can find the full workshop presentation at this link.

Additionally, for questions or challenges with fact checking during COVID 19 you can email