Mother’s Day: thoughts from Madhu

12 may 2020

When my friend Anne called me and suggested I put down a few of my thought and ideas on this most celebrated day, Mothers’ day, I did not realize this would evoke in me very hard feelings relating to my own advancing age and issues, health, welfare, emotional needs , fear and anxiety, isolation, losses.

As I was wallowing in self-pity, anxiety and contrition, my thoughts suddenly switched to the death of hundreds of elders in long- term care homes all over the country, victims of the COVID- 19 virus.

As a caring, progressive society how and why did we let this happen? Profit-making, untrained and poor staffing, lack of accountability have been reported. We, as a nation, must take full responsibility for this horrible tragedy.

Less we forget, those elders – men and women- were once valued members of our society – parents, grand-parents, professionals, health care workers, all making economic contribution to our society.

Stressful family situations, chronic health problems, limited incomes, all these contributed to their entry into the long-term care homes.

As deeply concerned RECAA members, let us take up the cause and advocate for fair universal health care for long-term care elders. Let us raise the banner!